Shutter Iceland-End: This means the final (explanation)

The end of Shutter Iceland provides for film friends continue to guesswork: Is Leonardo Di Caprio also known as US Marshall Teddy Daniels really crazy or is that Ashecliffe Hospital actually a secret research facility for forbidden experiments? We have once again looked at the psychological thriller and tell you here what it really with the shutter Iceland end up.


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Note: In the following article, numerous spoilers find the action and of course the end of Shutter Iceland. 

In contrast to the end of Inception the situation in Shutter Iceland is actually not so clear. After the massive plot twist in the last third of the film turns out that Teddy Daniels in reality is just a fictional character &# 8211; in fact it is when played by Leonardo Di Caprio main character to the insane murderers (and former Marshall) Andrew Laeddis who could not bear that he killed his wife and has therefore built up a mock reality. At the end of the film Laeddis is removed to undergo a brain lobotomy. because if only not this last sentence he would&# 8230;

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Shutter Iceland-End: Is Leo crazy or not?

In the film, declared the end like this: All the events that have taken place, so the whole investigation of Shutter Iceland had just played. The aim of the Verwirrspiels was to allow Laeddis to live out his delusions to cure him by. It almost looks also as if this succeeds: Laeddis is on record that he recognizes his self-deception now. In the last scene but he falls back into his past behavior.

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Shutter Iceland end

only played or Leo at the end of the film is actually a relapse?

When he (actually, his psychiatrist) sits with his partner Chuck on the stairs, he says slyly at him &# 8220; They're too smart for us what Chuck? Because he's obviously not cured, it is discharged by the doctors of the institution that made him undergo brain lobotomy, thus depriving his own free will. The last words of Leo:&# 8221; What is better &# 8211; to live as a monster or to die as a good man?&# 8221;

Shutter Iceland: Two readings at the end

It is this set makes schin long been confusion: Simply Are these simply the ravings of a madman or does it mean in reality that Laeddis has only played his relapse? On this reading Laeddis has detected that he has taken refuge in an illusory world, but is so overwhelmed by guilt that he can not go on living. To escape his bad deeds, he sacrifices himself and chooses voluntarily lobotomy as the only remaining way out.

Director Martin Scorecese did not comment at the end of Shutter Iceland and actor Leonardo Di Caprio was not quite sure. In an interview he stated that he got the hang perceived as very disturbing and could not remember a lot of things right. Dennis Lehane, the bestselling author of the original book *Shutter Iceland-End: This means the final (explanation) Shutter Iceland, remains vague. Interestingly, the last sentence of Leo does not appear in his book &# 8211; the story is originally so much more clearly.

Shutter Iceland Leo

The solution: As a psychiatrist declared the end of Shutter Iceland

A clear statement at the end of Shutter Iceland there by Professor James Gilligan, who supervised the film Martin Scorcese as a psychological consultant. In his opinion, the last words of Laeddis meant in fact that he is overwhelmed by guilt and therefore sacrifices himself voluntarily. According to Gilligan at the time indeed often do not understand people who kill as Laeddis, what they're doing. The recognition comes after a successful treatment and can cause them to break it.

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The warden initially acts as the villain of the film, in reality he wants but only help Andrew Laeddis?

If one end of Shutter Iceland still look at einmnal, this statement actually makes sense. At the last words of Andrew Laeddis can be seen clearly that Leonardo Di Caprio's acting deliberately in his role. Then he gets up and goes to purposefully into the hands of doctors, as if he knows exactly what he is doing. The question remains: Why all the secrecy? Maybe that has quite disdainful financial reasons. According to the psychiatrist Gilligan Scorcese supposed to have said to him that the film throws off the double win when people have to look at it twice to understand what happens.

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Have you understood the end of Shutter Iceland differently? Is there more to it? And what lies in your opinion in the mysterious lighthouses? Write it in the comments!

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