Horse Life: Friends Forever

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You are Pferdefreund through and through? Then puts you horse-Life: Friends Forever for PC, Wii and Nintendo DS to, then you do not have to spend huge sums for visiting horse farms and still can gallop with the proud animals on grass, beach and Steinweg.

Horse-Life: Friends Forever

Experienced in Horse-Life developer Deep Silver, what it means to own a horse. Select a name for your new friend, and a race and the appearance and worries to you in a loving and tender care about your new pupil.

Only then can you take long rides through the mountains or the sea and can train on the dressage and show-jumping course. In the competitions do you imagine then the tough competition and shows what you have learned with your four-legged friend.

Metacritic average rating: 68%


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Horse-Life: Friends Forever &# 8211; Hoppe Hoppe Reiter

&# 8220; Horse-Life: Friends Forever&# 8221; is a game for those who wanted to have a horse has always been, but also for non-riders who want to get to know the idyllic atmosphere at the stables. Similar to Horsez and My stud farm you can experience life on the horse and can compete in tournaments in various disciplines.

It starts with the fact that one chooses a horse from seven different breeds, gives it a name and witness his birth is. Once it is three years old, one may finally ride and make long rides, depending on the mood or train the horse for the dressage and jumping competitions. If you have become a good team with his four-legged friends, you will soon collect numerous loops.

Horse Life: Friends Forever - jump and win

Horse Life: Friends Forever Features

But that the animal remains healthy and happy, you have to maintain it with all the care and love and care. Involved the whole is in an exciting background story with 15 characters in a picturesque setting of mountains, sea and villages.

In multiplayer mode you can even conquer the world of horses with a friend! The graphics are very realistic and detailed. the horse is controlled depending on the platform with the mouse, the touchpad or the Nunchuk, including remote control, then you do feel as if you keep real reins.

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    Horse Life: Friends forever Trailer - GIGA

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