create virtual disks with VirtualCloneDrive

The VirtualCloneDrive download allows you to "insert" generated with CloneDVD or other programs image files to virtual drives and to use them as CDs or DVDs.

These image files can be integrated both from the hard drive, as well as from the network into the program. Of the VirtualCloneDrive Download can manage up to 15 images; eight Image files can even be used simultaneously. The tool supports all popular image formats such as ISO, BIN or CCD. Image files can be easily integrated by double-VirtualCloneDrive.


Winload VirtualCloneDrive Video Overview

VirtualCloneDrive Download: Configuration options for the tool

The settings of the VirtualCloneDrive downloads allow you some configurations. So you can specify here whether the program will remember last image files used. Furthermore, you can determine whether the image of VirtualCloneDrive last used to be automatically inserted. In addition, you have the choice whether to buffer the input and output should be. Finally, you can determine in the settings whether VirtualCloneDrive be displayed as an icon in the tray area, and whether it should be simultaneously removed at a eject a disk image. On the tray icon you can, incidentally, as an alternative to double-load image files in drives.

Virtual Clone Drive

Note: It may happen that copy-protected programs may not work properly if a virtual drive is active. In this case, all downloaded images must be ejected and VirtualCloneDrive be closed.

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