Samsung Galaxy S5: The most common problems and solutions

With the Galaxy S5 Samsung continues the series of their Android flagship 2014 continued consistently. However, one should also expect a largely flawless smartphone at a cost of several hundred euros. How does this but for sensitive electronics now again is almost always the case, also the Galaxy S5 can not avoid some problems. We count you the most common problems and give you solutions that might help you.

Samsung Galaxy S5: The most common problems and solutions

If he just before deciding whether you shall set you the Samsung Galaxy S5, but want to advance circulate the common problems that you are landed in exactly the right place. Of course, Samsung delivers again skillfully good work some gaps there are over and we have collected for you and provided with solutions.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 review

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Problem: The Camera

The Galaxy series is known for the camera with its 16 megapixels is not one of the fastest on the market. The quality is out of the question here, however, the camera requires a relatively long time for focusing.

Solution: After you've shot a photo, click on the Gear icon in the lower left, the image stabilization of the settings. This creates quality in well-lit motives hardly a crash because the function is primarily intended to serve for photos with low light.

galaxy s5 camera error

Camera Failed

The warning was issued for some users that the camera could not be found (Camera Failed or camera errors), has now been resolved by Samsung. In the event that you, however, already has a S5 that the error is reported, you can try the following tackle it:

  1. Tried rebooting your device
  2. Tried a factory reset of your S5
  3. Climb to Settings > options > application Manager
    1. Investigated here the camera app
    2. picks up force stop, delete data and clear cache
  4. You will also can try to delete the entire cache (This will erase all data)
    1. Hold Power key and select Turn off
    2. therefore keep Volume up + Home + Power depressed
    3. Once the S5 will vibrate their power let go
    4. Appears on the display Android System Recovery you let go, the other two buttons
    5. Navigates through Volume Down to Wipe cache partition and selects it with power
    6. Once the removal process is complete can express their power to trigger a reboot
  5. Unless you use a MicroSD to store your photos, the images trying to save to a different location after you have removed the card

If all else fails or you want to save you the trouble you, contact your dealer and requests a replacement. Since Samsung has recognized the error and corrected, new appliances are delivered without the error message.

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