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Design labels, business cards, insert cards, cover, etc.

Become the creative designers with the Avery DesignPro download. Avery DesignPro to create own greeting cards, presents itself on professionally designed business cards or creates his own T-Shirts. Also labels for CDs and DVDs can be easily put together playing with the program.

The program can be operated quite easily. In order not to start completely from scratch, is already available a variety of templates for your own design variation. If you have brought the desired result on the monitor, can be summed up this very easily at the print function of the program on paper. Also merge are possible to increase quickly and easily find the business card collection or to have on hand enough greeting cards for the next celebration.

Create professional labels with Avery Design Pro Download

The design possibilities are virtually no limits to the Avery DesignPro download. Whether you already mentioned Business cards, greeting cards, address labels, labels wants to create, with Avery ProDesign no problem.

Integrated images can be edited with the functions of the program. So can prevent red eye or unsightly color variations appear on the created products. With the features of the program, you can edit photos directly in the application, adjust brightness and contrast, and use special effects for photo editing. In addition to pictures own texts can be insert that can be decorate at will, for example. For example, by circular text runs, any fonts etc.

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Labels, greeting cards, transparencies, T-shirts and so, with the create everything Avery ProDesign Download

Eitketten, covers and much more with Avery DesignPro Download

In order not to bring the printer cartridge when printing the designed creations for annealing, provides an integrated ink saving function for economical work with the printer. With the built-in update function to continuously with new Clipart and templates supplied for use in their own labels. As a template can be selected from a plurality ready built formats. Packets of templates for forms, labels of all kinds, cards, photo paper and much more find. Who does not find out the selection of templates in Avery DesignPro can also create their own custom templates to measure.

Those who want to get out of his images and photos even more, should look at the selection of free tools for editing images.


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