sync iPhone without iTunes and use, how it works

Not everyone wants iPhone owners use iTunes, but you can now synchronize almost all content, even without the media library management by Apple with the iPhone. That's how it's done:

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iTunes: Sync iPhone

Gone are the days when iPhone and iPad had to be necessarily equipped with iTunes on a Mac or PC. Meanwhile way is via the cloud or through other software.

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iPhone and set up iPad without iTunes

During the initial start of an iPhone, we have a choice: Do we want to set up the device via iTunes or iCloud? Who wants to take the route via iCloud requires an Apple ID. Apple but we need to sign us anyway, after all we want to download apps.

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So if you want iTunes out of the way, relies on iCloud. Disadvantage: The backup is also done here over the free storage is only 5 GB. Especially with an equipment change - for example, to a new iPhone - is a backup through iTunes sense. Here the data is transferred more quickly and more completely. For example, apps that no longer exists now fall when switching to iCloud under the table.

synchronize data without iTunes on Windows PC and Mac with the iPhone

iTunes offers us for apps a file share. we do not use them, we need to switch to alternatives. Several options are available, depending on the app different combinations make sense. It says in any case, even to lend a hand. However, we would have to do it manually with file sharing in iTunes.

  • Apps with cloud connectivity synchronize or store content online, such as Dropbox.
  • With AirDrop we can transfer files between Apple devices.
  • Bluetooth Apps *sync iPhone without iTunes and use, how it works make it possible to share files other devices. but many applications are not good, and the connection is slow.
  • Some software (see below) can access the App Store.
  • With special USB sticks *sync iPhone without iTunes and use, how it works data between iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows PC replacement.

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iTunes alternatives for direct access to the iPhone

Those who want direct access to his device, which can use special software. It is not said that this approach always works - in the past, an iOS update this direct connection has occasionally temporarily put a stop to. but normally it works.

The software allows to directly access the data, including music and photos to access. They thus represent a kind of iTunes alternative, although the operation is fundamentally different: Simply drag and drop files can be pushed from the iPhone to the computer and vice versa - a manual synchronization. fingers please leave from the system files, in the worst case, the iPhone does not work anymore then.

From AnyTrans there is a 7-day trial *, which allows to transfer 50 properties per day.


See the developer AnyTrans

The alternative iExplorer you can thanks to a demo version free trial.

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