5 Persona: Social Stats raise properly and increase without loss of time

Social Stats describe your social skills in Persona 5. This can you in the categories Knowledge (knowledge), increase Guts (Mumm), Proficiency (skill), Kindness (quality) and charm (charm) in five stages. To this end, you are the role-playing different activities. We show you how you get your Social Stats effectively increases and some social talents even increased without wasting time.

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Sometimes you have to certain Levels of social Stats reach to address five contracts with confidants in person, otherwise they would not interact with you. It is therefore very important to your social talents as early as possible to increase the game, where you also can do a lot wrong. Therefore, we want you the best methods for increasing your Social Stats imagine.


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Increase Social Stats &# 8211; the need to consider their

each of the Social Stats in Persona 5 can you for example by reading books, the Watching movies or Playing video games on your TV increase. There are various books and films that enhance different Stats. always looks attention to the Info texts for books in the library or bookstore, so you know what skills they improve.

However, there are still many other ways your Social Stats to improve. Noted this about the following things:

  • Take with each newly arrived Knowledge-stage Challenge in Big Bang Burger in Shibuya at. Here you have a huge hamburger eating and gets gets it the first time +1 on Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency and Charm, for a total of 4 points. In Knowledge level 3 are then even +2 to each of the four stats.
  • Ensures that you always an unread book in your pocket you, that you may sometimes read something during the early-morning phase in the train on the way to school can and so one of your Social Stats improved.


The Burger Challenge boosts the first time four stats at once.

The following table shows you the designation of five levels each Social Stats. Many of confidants in Persona 5 will only interact with you or deepen the relationship when you have reached a certain stage. Oriented you as to the appropriate names.

1st stageobliviousmilquetoastbumblinginoffensiveExistent
2nd stageLearnedBoldDecentconsiderateHead-turning
3rd stageScholarlystaunchskilledempatheticSuave
4th stageEncyclopedicDauntlessmasterfulselflessCharismatic
5th stageEruditeLionheartedTranscendentAngelicDebonair

Note! For the trophy true talent you must all your social skills at level 5 bring. This will be hard to achieve in your first playthrough. However, the progress of the Social Statistics in the New Game + are transferred, so you should create the second play-through it then.

increase Knowledge

Knowledge (knowledge) you need for certain confidants and their ranks. Moreover, this social talent is extremely important for the to pass exams at school. We show you also the solutions for all classes questions and tests in person. 5

Best way to increase: Learns on rainy days Diner Shibuya. So you get the maximum yield of 3 Knowledge points plus another point on another stat, depending on what you order.

Other methods to increase Knowledge:

  • Learning in the library or at the diner of Shibuya.
  • answer the questions correctly in class.
  • spend time with the Star Confidant.
  • crossword puzzles in the cafe Leblanc.


In Diner Shibuya it increases depending on the order yet an additional talent alongside Knowledge.

increase Guts

Guts (Mumm) are in some dialogs necessary during the story in order to select specific dialog options. In addition, you need Stage 4 at Guts, to the Hanged-Confidant unlock.

Best way to increase: Take the evening at the challenge in Big Bang Burger in Shibuya part. Here you get every time +2 to Guts on.

Other methods for increasing Guts:

  • spend time with the death Confidant.
  • order coffee at the diner of Shibuya.
  • Learning in the library.
  • complete side job in the Crossroads Bar Shinjuku and talk with unsavory guests.

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increase proficiency

Proficiency (skill) do you need also for some confidants, for the production of several infiltration tools at the same time and for some part-time jobs.

Best way to increase: Best enhances their proficiency when their produces at the workbench in your room infiltration tools. Here, you get not only every time +2 to Proficiency, but provides you also produce useful tools for dungeons. Especially Lockpicks for locked chests are important here. With each level the way you can create more tools at one time, so always have enough material for crafting it.

Other methods for increasing Proficiency:

  • Part-time job in the Beef Bowl Shop.
  • spend time with the Hanged-Confidant.
  • fix things.
  • playing baseball in batting cage.


If you repaired the broken laptop, you get points for also Proficiency.

Kindness increase

Kindness (quality) is important to Ann Takamaki unlock as Confidant and to make progress with it.

Best way to increase: by Work in the flower shop in the Underground Mall in Shibuya you get every time +2 on Kindness. In addition, you earned it by money.

Other methods for increasing Kindness:

  • complete side job in the Crossroads Bar Shinjuku and talk to lone guests.
  • spend time with the Hierophant Confidant.
  • spend time with the tower Confidant.
  • Plants provide (see below).


There are among other films, increase your Kindness.

increase Charm

Charm (charm) is also needed for certain confidants and part-time jobs and should not be neglected.

Best way to increase: visited Mondays and Thursdays the bathhouse opposite the Café Leblanc. On these days you get here after the bath +3 on Charm and can these social Stat is the best way to increase.

Other methods for increasing Charm:

  • spend time with the Devil Confidant.
  • spend time with the Sun Confidant.
  • complete side job in the Crossroads Bar Shinjuku and talk to flirting guests.
  • eat at Maid Cafe in Shinjuku.

increase social Stats without delay

There are in Persona 5 some ways your Social Stats to increase, without the time passes. These activities can easily miss it, but are extremely important for maximizing your social talents, which is why we would like to introduce you in more detail below.

maintain plant in your room

Acknowledges the right side of your room as early as possible in the game. This fact is a houseplant to light that you can spice up with plant fertilizer regularly with her receive without delay Kindness points. Bear in mind that this only every 16 days is working. So Interacts safe side every day with the plant until you Morgana says that you may be able fertilize again.


Cares regularly to your houseplant to get you bonus points for Kindness.

The plant food gets her in various shops in Tokyo, which with increased quality and yield of Kindness-points increases. So, it pays to invest in expensive fertilizer. Where you get any kind of fertilizer, you can see in the following table.

Shopplant foodcostsKindness points
Shibuya Central District RocinanteGarden Energy500+1
Shibuya Station Underground Mall FloristBio Nutrients1200+2
Shinjuku FloristNatural Plant Nutrition3000+3

Note! The Shinjuku district turns her free in the course of the story, if you visited the third Palace.

answer questions from the quiz show on TV

Buy some as early as possible in the game to TV from second-hand shop in Yongen Jaya or interacts regularly with the TV in the Cafè Leblanc. Here you can namely every now and then a Quiz Show track where you are allowed mitraten. Here you have to Select two answers correct and gets a knowledge point, when you give the correct answer. Here again, there is lost no time, so you should definitely take every question.

The Quiz show runs only on certain days in Kalendarjahr and we therefore listen you all data and the correct answers to the questions in on below.

date  Correct answer
May 19Make noise to cause neurosis.
May 26Queen of evidence.
2th of JuneDo not pay the salary to the keeper.
23rd JuneOrder a meal despite being penniless.
4th of AugustUse somone else&# 8217; s car but return it.
Sept. 2210 years in prison.
Nov. 10You in front of the TV.
Nov. 24The chairman Decides.
December 8Attempted murder.
December 15A wanted burglar can not be free.

Note! The correct answers are only roughly translated from the Japanese and the English translations can differ slightly in the game. but to find out the correct answer should be enough.

Every Sunday an energy drink drink

Ensures that you every Sunday visited the Underground Walkway in the Shibuya Station. There is a concession stand, which is marked by a drinking cup icon on your card. For each 5,000 yen can you here every Sunday a special Energy Drink take to you, which gives you another point on one of your Social Stats.

The seller has here every week another drink on offer, the each one of the five social stats +1 increases. Your also not lose time here and 5,000 yen are therefore well spent.

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