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Overwolf allows the benefits of various widgets, for example, to chat or video recording while playing PC games.

Over Wolf is a small freeware tool that can be accessed while playing a computer game on a variety of widgets, among others can lead to call an integrated browser or access TeamSpeak conversations via Skype. Here, the tool among others Battlefield, Call of Duty and Assassin supported&# 8217; s Creed.

After installation and start Overwolf a panel with the available widgets appears on the left side of the desktop as a button. These include Social Feeds, the built-in browser, Skype and TeamSpeak. For a while no activity on the panel instead, is this hidden, but can always be retrieved by moving the mouse over the remaining of the screen black semi-circle back to the forefront. By clicking on the large icon of Overwolf in the middle of the panel can be accessed more widgets that are also the panel drag & can add drop. However, only five widgets can always be set at once for quick access. Among the additionally available widgets are for example those for screenshots or Twitter.

The panel of Overwolf, there are still two small buttons to access the configuration and close the tool. In the settings, various configurations can be made, for example, select a language, assigned to hot keys or settings for video recording are set. In addition, you can also see which games are supported by Overwolf here.

Overwolf sets additionally, an icon in the tray bar to also accessible via the the widgets and the program can be terminated.

Conclusion: For gamers, for example, chat during the game, tweeting or want to record the game, Overwolf is recommended in any case.

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