“SD card unexpectedly removed” – So you fix the problem

Faced you your Android device regularly by pointing &# 8220; SD card unexpectedly removed&# 8221 ;? Then it is high time to act, before the data are probably beyond saving. In this guide, we want to give you possible reasons and possible solutions to the problem.

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If at your smartphone for repeated the error message male &# 8220; SD card unexpectedly removed&# 8221; appears, you should first of all the data on the respective SD card to a hard disk or other SD card secure. While there may be various causes for the message with a copy euerer data ye are on the safe side, if it does occur the SD card death. In addition to a hardware problem on the SD card but also the physical pollution, a software problem on the smartphone or a fault of the SD card reader of the smartphone can be the cause of the problem. We show you how you can pinpoint the problem.

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&# 8220; SD card unexpectedly entfernet&secure # 8221 ;: data & Check SD card

Before you enter into further steps with the possibly defective SD card, you should copy it to your computer, the data from the SD card. This you can do right by her put the microSD card with an adapter into the SD card reader of your computer or laptop. If you no SD card reader *"SD card unexpectedly removed" - So you fix the problem has, you can often by connecting Eueres smartphones via USB cable to rely on your computer to the contents of the SD card, and then copy it to your hard drive. If you have your data backed up, you can with Windows follows a review of the SD card and a possible trigger automatic repair:

  1. Navigate in Windows to computer or workstation.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on the SD card.
  3. Choose Properties and then the tab Tools.
  4. Click Check Now&# 8230;
  5. Wait until the process is complete.
  6. then remove click again with the right mouse button on the map and selects certain.


the SD card then plugged back into your smartphone. Perhaps the automatic error checking has already fix a minor problem, which to the message &# 8220; SD card unexpectedly entfernet&# 8221; has led. If the error but weitehrin shows up, you should simply format the card. When formatting will erase all data from the SD card, when ye have therefore not yet been ascertained, sollter you do this by now.

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Format memory card

The message continues to appear? In the event you your SD card can reformat after you have created a backup of the map.

  1. Executes the steps 1 and 2 described above.
  2. Now click on "Format".
  3. the option Selects Quick Format, and click on "Start".
  4. Now all the data on the memory card will be removed.


Since you have made a backup, you can now restore the SD card and use them later back to normal in the smartphone. Now the problem should no longer occur. If it continues to occur, you should try another SD card into your smartphone. If this makes also problems a software problem your phones might be impaired. Tried updating the phone software. Also could be in the smartphone a hardware defect or contamination of the card reader, but only the expert should lend a hand.

SD card is not recognized by the computer

Should your computer does not recognize right away the SD card, you should map the first for possible contamination (fingerprints, dirt or rust on the contacts) check. If you will find it here, you can contacts, for example with isopropanol *"SD card unexpectedly removed" - So you fix the problem Clean and Q-tips.

If the SD card is still not recognized, you may can have success with the programs TestDisk or PhotoRec, but to save your data. How this works, we explain in the following instructions: Restore the SD card &# 8211; repair itself and secure data.

SD Card Monitor

If you want to know more about the behavior of your SD card, you can install the app SD Card Monitor. This application shows you also how often the card is actually removed in the background and put back into operation.

SD Card Monitor

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SD Card Monitor
Developer: Ahmed Moharram
Price: Free

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