Mad Max: Tips – Five advice on how you rock the wasteland!

In Mad Max tips and hints are vital because they increase your chances massively to survive the post-apocalypse in the desert wastelands of Australia. Therefore, we have summarized five valuable tips for you that you guarantee more success and prosperity in the Mad Max game from Avalanche Studios.


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In the same game your hero Mad Max starts out as raubter perish verdroschener vagabond, the only his iron will to survive can still keep fighting. Therefore, the road warrior does not lose their hope and sets off in search of his belongings and for revenge. Use the following five tips, this is easier.

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Mad Max: Tips - upgrades, upgrades, upgrades

Early in the game you get your new vehicle, the Magnum Opus. And so the cart is her name gro0ßen also meet, you can pimp grease the machine. Read our guide to vehicle upgrades, what can you improve everything. But Max itself can beef up and improve, for example, his shotgun, brass knuckles and a leather jacket.

Mad Max Max04

So Max can survive in the wasteland, he needs to improve!

But for their needs shotgun parts can you find to carefully search throughout the wasteland. With the apparent waste it improves both car and driver. Furthermore you can find their coveted Griffa token if their challenges closes. This can you redeem the mystic Griffa to learn new skills for Max.

powerful ammunition

One of the rarest goods of the wasteland is ammunition. Because most bandits and War Boys hit each other with clubs and swords ugly eating and your faithful shotgun and the sniper rifle of Magnum Opus are without ammunition only nice threatening gestures.

Mad Max Max05

Jeet solves your ammo problems!

Therefore, you should the main story initially run through strictly until you come to Jeet, who asks you to build his "Bullet-Farm". Over a great mission number you can establish an armory with ammunition factory near Jeet. Whenever you then come to Jeet, he fills all kindly (!) Your ammunition again.

The harpoon is your friend!

But that you may ever comes despite ammunition shortages up to Jeets Ammo mission, should your enemies favored with the faithful harpoon the Magnum Opus off. For the Arrow Launcher has infinite ammo and you can thus already draw on low levels of hostile driver out of the cab.

Mad Max Auto03

With harpoons her Probelme dissolves in the vehicle combat.

Later allows the harpoon also that her tears the tires of vehicles. Ideal to get rid of pursuing bandits. And if there is no other way, you can verballern with harpoons and exploding bullets and so decide every vehicle combat fast

Treasures by storm

On average once a bad sandstorm sweeps per day through a wasteland. When this happens, you should take cover quickly, because the flying pieces of scrap otherwise make quick mincemeat of Max and the Magnum Opus.

Mad Max Max03

After sandstorms everything is revealed.

But after the storm lying around full of scraps throughout the course of crates. Namely 300 per case. Therefore, you should each storm seen as a possibility and immediately go on a treasure hunt, because the boxes do not persist forever.

Will balloonist

The desert is great, but everywhere in the Badlands hot air balloons are attached. These balloons allow you to overlook much of the wasteland. And continue everything of interest is equal noted on the minimap, so you will find it again quickly.

Mad Max Max02

The endless expanse of wasteland can better overlook her with Heißtluftballons.

just turn you to 360 degrees when you're on top of the balloon. In addition, the balloon also serve as a quick travel dates on which you can teleport at any time.

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