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With a few steps, you can search for the GIMP Download the Change GIMP Language. So that the software allows for easy use of the program regardless of their origin.

The source language

The image editor GIMP allows its users a creative and innovative access to their own image files. Some users may be a little confused by uploading the program, however: The program opens first in its English version. Who of English is not powerful, or could work more easily with a German version at least, has only a few work steps, the ability to change the settings of GIMP so that the user interface is available in German. If you want to change the GIMPSprache that is possible with a few simple steps.

The menu

In the English version can be found in the main window, probably in the middle of your screen, the registration card EDIT (after successful change in the German version EDIT called). If you follow the menu items of this tab, you can also find the function PREFERENCES (SETTINGS in German). Click on this function, a new operating window. Links are additional menu items listed. The second from the top is called in English and German INTERFACE SURFACE. If you use this menu item, you have the ability to change the user interface settings.

The change

In the first place the change options, the language, the relevant menu item is here. In the scroll menu you will find many other languages ​​also German (GERMAN - en). If you have chosen the language of your choice, save the result.

GIMP language

However, nothing has changed at first glance: For the change to be effective, the program must first be closed again. After restarting your pleasure is nothing stopping in image processing in the way. The complete program is now available in German (see also GIMP Download German) labeled. If you have a question for program operation and use the help menu, you will find that the owner's manual of the program is now available in German (GIMP tutorial) and image processing will simplify again in GIMP. The easy way to change the GIMP language so simple is also the rest of the use of the program.

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