Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The most common problems and solutions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a great piece of Android technology. Like all other technical equipment, however, may have some problems and the 5.7-inch smartphone. Before her the score 4 but then smashed let on the wall, let you offer us some solutions at 10 of the most famous problems.

We made smart in the forums this Android world and the 10 most common problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 zusammengeklaubt and sought solutions for it. Maybe your problem is in this case likewise. If not, be sure to drop us a comment and we quickly try to help you.



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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Problem 1: gap between the screen and body

A technical problem that can occur with almost any smartphone, not just Samsung's product family. This is a production error in which between the body of the note 4, and the screen is a gap of a few millimeters gapes that naturally like to fills with the dust bunnies your mobile phone sock or pocket. The functionality or quality of the smartphone was not affected, a Samsung spokesman.

Source: ittoday

Source: ittoday

Solution: Have you promptly noticed the gap in the Galaxy Note 4 after the purchase of your device, there is a good chance to exchange the device. Since there will be no consequences for the operation of the smartphone to the problem, however, you can also simply try to ignore it and maybe use it as a stylish business card holder.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Problem 2: Okay Google does not work

So why have you caught yourself more often lately in how you stood in front of your grade 4 and amid disbelief three looking crowds &# 8220; OK GOOGLE!&# 8221; have roared? Report reports that Google's voice assistant had failed only after some time, and has not responded adequately. Still other users were able to &# 8220; Always On&# 8221; not allowed to function, which so distinguished the score 4 at least with.

Solutions: Some owners of a Note 4 already had success in that they have S Voice on. Just kidding, S Voice must be enabled Okay Google can work. Something serious public tere solutions:

  1. Climb to the settings > language and input > Voice search and activated under &# 8220; OK Google&-recognition; # 8221 the Always On feature. Starts following your touch 4 new
  2. Sometimes the problem is also a special app that you've recently installed it. Tests either all the apps individually by or decide for a clean factory reset, which draws a careful installation and verification of each individual apps with it
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