stream 30 million songs for free: Tidido

Music today is largely no longer belongs to traditional media such as CD or disk, but is streamed from the network. Whether Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer, the number of streaming services is continuously increasing. Recently, there is also the music service Tidido. Here 30 million songs can be heard - and that completely free.

With tempting offers as Tidido naturally arises here the question of legality, after all, you have to book with other services often a paid access to gain access to the music catalog. Here not even require registration to be able to listen to the songs online.

Here you can find royalty-free music (video):


Royalty-free music

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stream music at Tidido

Visually reminiscent Tidido to the streaming service from France, Deezer. the required artist can be specified using the search field, with a mouse click launches the desired song. The music stream operates in a manner both in the browser and go to the phone and tablet. After a free registration, you can use many extra features and such. B. Create your own playlists and manage.


Still, there are some clues, where you should be skeptical.

  • An imprint or a reference to the responsible web offer is not found.
  • Who is behind the service is unknown. Behind Tidido makers are suspected of Russia. The servers are based in Luxembourg.
  • The music library includes all sizes of the music scene, including Rammstein, who long resisted offering its own catalog by stream.
  • The Beatles songs are available at Tidido. However, during the release of the Beatles songs in Spotify, Apple Music and Co. was announced large, there is no official announcement about the release of Beatles songs at Tidido.
  • Furthermore you can here songs by Die Toten Hosen or Doctors stream hear that are not available from other providers.
  • As an imprint no responsible person can be discerned, is also not known what to do with their own data, such. As the e-mail address, is done according to a filing.


The doctors in the stream? In Tidido possible &# 8211; if so, the band agrees?

Is Tidido legal?

Even if Tidido should be illegal, a unique jurisdiction for streaming such content does not exist. Just as is true currently in Champions League live streams over and Co., the legal situation would look even at Tidido, the service should actually be illegal. The provider of the music content must reckon with a penalty, but if you only listen songs, makes u. a. in the opinion of IT lawyer Christian Solmecke not punishable. Rights holders have a different view here. Tidio should therefore only be used at your own risk.


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