Samsung Galaxy S5: The most common problems and solutions

Samsung Galaxy S5 Problem 7: loads slowly or not

Have you bought you your Galaxy S5 recently and the battery slopes from time to time running out, only to charge either very slowly or not at work, you are one of many users who know this problem. Since the causes are, for a number of reasons, we include you on a few solutions that could help.


  1. Assures you that you used the official Samsung charging cable that was supplied with the S5, rather than trying out an old cable or even one from another provider. May be different here, namely the Volt numbers. Turns off the phone and upload it for 30 minutes before it checks to see if it was loaded.
  2. Alternatively, you can also try to download the Galaxy S5 via USB cable to the PC. This takes longer than the charger into the socket in the rule, but as long as it brings anything, you know that it is not on your phone.
  3. Blows into the micro USB port to ensure that no contamination affect the charging process.

Helps nothing else, it could be that your battery or charger is defective. Contacted to be your dealer.

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